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October 19, 2009





Tim@Cubby Blue

I think everybody went on vacation...


Just feeling...lethargic. I have no motivation.


We've got a bad case of "ho-hum, boring teams syndrome"!

We Cubby-Bluers are tired of the morning-after second-guessing blahs we get from watching yet another uninspired performance. We want to just have one of our Chicago teams get on a "we're-gonna-kick-your-ass-and-you-know-it" run.

Right now I'd settle for a nice 5-TD pass quarter like what Mr. Tom Brady laid on the hapless Titans yesterday.

Wouldn't that be a fun way to get our hearts restarted?

But instead we get to watch our Bears (and soon the Bulls?) kind of sleepwalking through a slightly better than average season.

Didn't we just do that with the Cubs?

And while I'm ranting...am I the only one who thinks the Bears' Lovie Smith and Notre Dame's Charlie Weiss and the Illini's Ron Zook are all football coaches who are in over their heads?

I guess I could force myself to be a hockey fan...the Blackhawks record-tying 5 goal comeback the other night was a nice in-your-face moment. If I could just figure out the rules of the game!

(Kinda like the Bears offensive line)

Tim@Cubby Blue

I think that Hawks thing is an idea.
I don't know all the rules either, but mo watching eqauls mo understanding.
And yeah, I guess I am tired of the uninspired.


Lovie always looks like he's in some confusing class and hoping he doesn't get called on!

I miss Iron Mike...


I actually felt like an idiot staying up to watch the whole game just to have it end that way. I just want a team we can have fun with! I taped the Blackhawks game Saturday and watched it Sunday afternoon--they had a huge chance to score at the end too and they couldn't make it happen. Is there ANY team out that we can really believe in?!


The Bears Duncehelmet posted in my window garnered a lot of comments from both teachers and students at school today. Thanks for the entertainment!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Thanks Donna!
I wish it was a different subject, like a wizard helmet instead, but still your note made my day!

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