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October 22, 2009



I like it...he's been around forever, worked with some good hitters and helped revive others careers, and also, he speaks spanish fluently, which I think will help tremendously! Maybe now Soriano will understand. We can only hope right...What else can you do?! Lol...

Tim@Cubby Blue

It's nice how that question works for pretty much anything.
I don't speak Spanish, but what can you do?


The question that I can't answer is: "Who's the boss?"

Consisder if you will...you're a super-stud, mega-wealthy big-league ballplayer and some ol' coach with a great rep comes along (making 1/20th of the bucks that YOU make) and he makes a suggestion like "hey Alfonso, try a lighter bat".

What happens next if Fonsie says "es no posible, senor!"? Who wins?

I mean, how do you punish a guy making $15 million or so with a guaranteed, no-trade contract?

What does Rudy do if Mr. Superstar goes out tomorrow and hits a couple HR's with his old swing, or his heavy bat, or whatever?

I gotta believe these "batting instructors" are there for the impressionable kids. Maybe Geo and Ryan are still open to suggestion. But I doubt that he'll fix Fonsie's fishing expeditions for sliders off the plate.

And if I read one more hint that "Rudy worked well with Milton Bradley" I'll vomit.

And while I'm on a rant, let's change sports for a second. I have one simple request for the Bears defense this weekend:

STUFF Mr. "I was blackballed" Cedric Benson!


The thing is that Rudy already worked with Fonzy also. They know each other well, and Fonzy put up good numbers too...so I'm not losing all hope just yet.


Haha...true...maybe I'll start using it more, like a way to excuse myself...

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hi Maria,
If I haven't said anything about the new photo: it's awesome.
I hadn't heard anything about a Rudy/Fonzy pre existing relationship!
That's awesome.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Bud, it's been a long travel day.
Did Cedric come out today and recant anything?
Man, I'm getting to the point where I could care less if a guy's got great numbers - if he's an asshole I just don't want him around.
Milton is on another planet of asshole, by the way.
Cedric, he's just your basic...


Cubs T-shirt idea:

Wrigley Right Field: No More Assholes!



Thanks! :)

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