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October 21, 2009



I'm really disappointed in the Angels. Yeow.

I'm just glad someone has the Dodgers' number. Nice, Manny. In the shower early? I loathe, abhor, and despise Manny...

Cliff Lee was pretty vicious in that game.

And yeah, I'm kinda like you - trying to muster up something more than the feeling of "I hope Team [x] doesn't win." Bleh. I'm so over the Phillies, but I suppose I'll hope they win rather than ZOMGWTFBBQ IT'S AMERICA'S TEAM, THE YANKEES!

Hitting coaches. Haven't we already established that it wasn't the hitting coaches' fault? *rolls eyes*

Tim@Cubby Blue

Vlad has kinda reminded me of one Alfonso Soriano lately. "Free swinger" and all that.
And your eye rolling might just be getting started - think of all the long contract guys on the Cubs. This hitting coach may be about the only new guy the Cubs sign...


Free swinger. Excuse me while I do the Beavis and Butthead laugh. Because right now, dirty double entendres are all I have left.


I can understand Manny being an asshole. He is what he is and he ain't gonna change.

But what's up with Joe Torre? Why do I believe that a Joe Girardi or a Tony Larussa (or even Lou?) would have long ago established an inviolable rule: everyone stays on the bench until the last damned out!

We ALL have work rules that we have to follow, no matter how important we are or how arbitrary the rule may seem (see NY Yankees policy on long hair and beards).

I can only pray that we NEVER again have another prima donna Cub like Scammy or Meltdown who feels "special".

I'd rather lose than have to worship at the feet of some spoiled, wealthy, self-centered buffoon. Let's hope that Mr. Ricketts has some stones

...like a certain Mr. Steinbrenner I recall.

Tim@Cubby Blue

If it's not Rich Harden's ass...

Tim@Cubby Blue

Manny's quote was something like: whenever I get pulled from the game, I go shower.
In the freaking playoffs?

Tim@Cubby Blue

MLB Traderumors has a little piece on the Cubs offseason outlook.
Best use of the word, "absurd": "Soriano finished the season with knee surgery and will presumably be healthy for Spring Training. His contract is so absurd that the team has no flexibility."



(Cuz that's all I really care about right now!)


What are you talking about? I don't have Rich Harden's ass. If I did, I doubt I'd be wasting valuable time typing about it here, Y'KNOW?

Tim@Cubby Blue


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