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October 27, 2009



Some folks might be tempted to say: "This is either brilliant or dumb...depending on how it works out for the Cardinals' hitters".

We tend to do that a lot in the sports world. Often our judgement of the wisdom of a move is rendered in hindsight. If Milton Bradley had hit .310 with 35HR's and 110 RBI's, Hendry's "wisdom" would have been celebrated.

But Bradley floundered and folks piled on the "dumb move bandwagon". For most of us here on Cubby Blue it was determined (with foresight) to be a dumb move on day one.

Let me be the first to say that putting Mark McGwire back in uniform is a DUMB MOVE...whether he succeeds as a hitting coach or not.

Does ANYONE in baseball have a spine anymore?


Someone in LJ land had a brilliant rejoinder to the McGuire news. "Don't share needles, and let's talk best injection sites!"


IN OTHER NEWS: FINALLY. FOR REAL. Cubs sale FINAL. Ricketts family is in possession of the club.


Now...please do smart things?

Tim@Cubby Blue

I wonder if McGwire called Tony or the other way around?

Tim@Cubby Blue

That's great news, DB.


Here's to a new era! Please let us grow to love this family!

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