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October 25, 2009



Agreed 100%!

Let's hope that Lovie and his braintrust don't overthink the task at hand. I can hear the game plan strategy session now:

Marinelli: "We can't let Benson run wild against us. Let's stack the defense against the run."

Lovie: "Hmmm...I was just thinking that Marvin Lewis must be thinking that we're thinking that we need to stop Benson. So he may come out throwing."

Jon Hoke: "Yeah? But what if you're right and he's thinking that we're thinking that he's thinking about what we're thinking? Then maybe we should cross 'em up?!!!"

Lovie: "You lost me!"

On the other hand, maybe we could just play smashmouth Bears football and lay some leather on Cedric (and cartoon-boy Ochocinco).

It'd be good to see Lovie laugh out loud...just once!

Tim@Cubby Blue

I'm gonna hurl.


I'm not watching any more.

Even if the Bears make the comeback of a lifetime, you can still mark your calendars - October 25, 2009 is the day Lovie Smith buried himself.

The man is lost.

The only thing worse than this "Cedric Benson's revenge" performance would be for Milton Bradley to win the MVP next year with the Cardinals - while being paid by the Cubs.

I'm gonna go pack some stuff for my Arizona trip.


Looks like I'll be leaving the Dunce Helmet up in the window another week. Good lord.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Donna, looks like you got to see the best game of the weekend last night.
I hope Huet stays snapped out of whatever funk he was in.


It definitely was nice to see a WIN, but you had to hold your breath every time the puck came near Huet. I do think the Blackhawks are going to be the only thing that gets me through the upcoming winter. At least I hope so!

Cire Ddot Nekliw

So this is still a baseball site? Hahahahaha, oh sorry. Hey how about that Steve Phillips? I was told by so called "marriage experts" that if you're gonna cheat on your spouse, do it with someone who's better looking. What up, Stevo? Dust off the resume and call MLB Network, Fox, YES, etc...Hawks on tv tonite, Marty Havlat playing for the Wild, sigh...Are Da Bulls gonna be good, I'm down to one team now with the Blackhawks. Bears are now officially crappy. Cleveland fits the bill though for next week. Metallica says this I swear! Damn they are awesome and they're my age....46....Phils and Yankmes, can this be the awesome Series it should be? I live in Benton, AR and all 27 thousand of us are screaming for Cliff Lee, hometown boy....Go Phils, Go National League! What does CC stand for? Cotton Candy, Caramel Corn, Chocolate Cake?

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