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August 23, 2009



All I could do was yell OH MY GOD at that catch. His face was scratched up. Wow. Thanks for still caring, Sam.

In an ideal world, Soriano would be Sayonara, and Sam would be out there. Good to see someone carrying on Reed's "get the ball regardless of physical harm" mentality.


I absolutely love the "'get the ball regardless of physical harm' mentality." It's my favorite thing to see in a player, really. That's why I love Reed... And that's why I love Fuld! It's nice to see him up again, I just HATE that I keep missing the games. :(

Great illustration!

Tim@Cubby Blue

I almost did a painting of Fuld (with big red outlined diamonds on his face) talking with any other Cub...say Theriot.
Theriot is looking at Fuld's face and says, "Dude, that's some nasty razor-burn."
And Fuld says, "Nah, that's fence-burn."
Just an awesome effort by the kid.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Thanks Justin.
At the last game I was at, an Hispanic family in front of me held up a "We Miss Reed Johnson" sign throughout the game.
I even told them what a cool sign it was.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Billingsly looks very hittable today.
I'm expecting some damage before he leaves.


When might we see this new painting?


Even though I've resigned myself to the season being over, I will continue to watch to see plays like this one by Sam Fuld. Or to see Jake Fox go 4 for 4 again. I'm in it for the entertainment now.

Back to school tomorrow. Can't believe it...


Quick note on today's game (I peeked)...Was that Carlos Marmol I saw out there in the bottom of the 9th? Perfect inning...2 K's...12 of 16 pitches for strikes. Must have been the bus ticket they left in his locker!

Now...since every writer in Chicago is telling the Ricketts family what they ought to do let's put our Cubbie-Blue two-cents in. We need:

- MORE: Jake Fox, Sam Fuld, Micah Hoffpauir, Bobby Scales.

- LESS: Milton Bradley, Alfonso Soriano, Kevin Gregg, Aaron Miles.

(Use the money you save to lower beer prices)

- While you're at it, tell Lou he needs to lead GEO and Marmol and Z by example and get some exercise (it's a good cure for fat-cat lethargy). Then tell Jim Hendry that he will NEVER again trade the heart and soul of our team (that would have been Woody, DeRo and Blanco).

- Then fire Lou anyway and hire Bob Brenly.

- If Hendry objects, fire him too.

THEN you'll officially own the team. It's YOUR winter coming up Tom. Run the team.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Justin, I only get one shot, bud.
That painting will happen in my head only.
But thanks for asking.

Donna: SCHOOL'S BACK ALREADY!!! Ewww. Why does it seem that summer lasted way longer when I was a kid?
Jake Fox and "That guy rocks" rhyme.
What a fabulous game today.

Bud - nice thinking. Maybe you can offer up some gm services? Cause your ideas are right on.

Cire Ddot Nekliw

Everything lately seems to tell me Summer is over. Kids at the bus stop in the morning, crappy Cubs road trips, cooler weather, and talk of FOOTBALL! High school, college, and BEARSSSSSSSSS! If we're 5 games out of anything by Labor Day, then I'll hold out faint hope. If not, I'm sure I'll be like many fans who are going gaga over Jay Cutler and buh bye to Lou's Crew. Don't forget the Blackhawks in another month, although there seems to be a funny vibe with them. Did I mention we have a quarterback, repeat after me in your best Lovie voice, Jay Cutler is OUR quarterback.....


If this was on facebook I'd hit the like button as much as possible, especially for the fire Lou and hire Bob and if Hendry objects fire him too.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Eric, it can't be the end of summer because summer hasn't happened yet. I just ate the first tomato out of the back yard for Christ's sake. I should be happy about the whole deal since it was so nice here. But I didn't hardly break a sweat at all!
I like the 5 games out thing.
How can the Cards pick up Smoltz and have him go 5 and give up 3 hits and strike out 9 when just last week he was a goner?


Smotlzy's a NL pitcher all the way Tim. Unfortunately just another pick-up that will cause Jim Hendry to drinking and the Cards to possibly win it all.

Cire Ddot Nekliw

Your tomatoes are slow. We ate tomaters in Arky land last month and it ain't hot here neither. Smoltz did it agin the Puds, Friday probably vs the Nats, so he goes 2-0...He won't make the playoff roster. Will we even have one? We're entering a good stretch, remember 2003? Time to stand for something or youse will fall for anything, right Tim? I love me some Aramis, but I'm falling for Cutler, gimme another Old Milwaukee with a plum wine chaser and I'm wunnerful...Beats Kool-Aid...

Tim@Cubby Blue

I heard the "Ryan Theriot" show on wgn radio.
Had no idea it even existed.
They dragged him out of his shower at home to get him to talk.
Anyway, while they're talking, the subject of Smoltz comes up.
Theriot called him "Smoltzy", and I spit beer.
I thought you'd sort of have to be someone's contemporary to call him a nickname that makes it sound like the other guy's the kid.
Cracked me up.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Eric, more than anything that Al Gore ever said, the state of my tomatoes has me really worried about the global weather.
It actually got nicer here in Chicago, while they had heat waves in the Pacific NW.
Did that have something to do with my tomatoes having wimpy, pale leaves and shit for produce?
All the other plants are just fine.
The tomaotoes though - they may be signaling the end, bro.
And the Cubs will NEVER win the WS.
Do NOT hold back on the cheap beers.

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