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August 20, 2009


Mark Alan

You may be Capt. Bringdown, but it's an improvement from yesterday's post when you were Sergeant Sarcastic.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Or Corporal Caustic.
Or Colonel Contemptuous.
We could come up with a whole new Military here, Mark.


Hand gestures: that was Milton giving back to a very loud heckler. As in yap yap yap.

I'll try to find you on Twitter. I friends locked my entries and I still get those spambot whores trying to follow me.

Still home. Now drinking hit toddies. Cough syrup is mostly alcohol anyway. Ugh.


Yup, my expectations vs. the Padres were SO high, but now they are even lower too. I'm not expecting much from them, but we'll see...

I was happy to see Bradley hit that one out and yeah, like DB said, it was toward an annoying ass fan that kept harrasing him...he also said something to Rami, and what did Rami do? Yeah, hit one out! So, he helped!


Hand gestures aimed at heckling fans? Is this what our season has come down to? We can do better:

- Maybe we could get Lou to moon the writers at the next post-game post-mortem?

- Or maybe we could have Soriano ride a billygoat out to left field and them let him munch on the ivy?

- How about having Z doing a flip onto the mound off a trampoline next start?

- Ryan Dempster could do a barefoot fence-vaulting exhibition?

- Our new closer, Carlos Marmol might try to throw a strike against Yao Ming?

- Or, best of all, Sam Zell could roll around naked in a vat full of $100 bills, laughing maniacaly...

At us.


I'm spent on this team. I was contemplating getting tix to 1 or 2 games just because... after Lou's bonehead call of putting Miles in for Gorzelanny, I've changed my mind.



That's all I have to say.


I guess I never expected the season to end this early...

Tim@Cubby Blue

Well, even if it's over, it's still baseball.
I'm already thinking about how much I'm gonna miss it.
The game last night - after Gorzelanny settled down it was kinda...pleasant for a little bit.
Then that horrid Alfonso at-bat when they walked the bases loaded with only one out.
And yeah, the kicker was Aaron Miles.
See today's post.

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