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August 18, 2009



I turned it off after Gregg gave up the tying run. I was so pissed because I knew what was going to happen and I felt like a fool staying up until midnight to watch it. I just don't understand Lou sometimes. He sits Soriano, which is fine, but then lets Fontenot play the whole game instead of oh-so-hot-Baker. What the heck? We need to win these games!


The season officially ended last night. Put the old nail in the coffin. It's over. It's time to come to grips with the fact that our favorite team stinks. And the Cardinals, with all their great moves (Holliday, Lugo and Derosa) are steamrolling their way to the playoffs and may even represent the NL in the World Series. I'm too mad to write anymore so i will just say...

Go Bears!


The "SUCK" factor has officially hit 10 on the suckmeter.
Anyone want my remaining tickets??????????


Boy...I couldn't agree more. I stayed up for the whole stinking game!

Gregg's performance was really pretty typical for the way he's pitched all year. He throws hard, easy-to-hit fastballs and mediocre off-speed pitches. Lousy hitters can't hit him (or anyone else) very well. Mediocre hitters hit him pretty well, but usually don't take him deep, or they hit it at someone. Decent hitters seem to look forward to hitting Mr. Gregg's offerings.

You can always rely on Bob Brenly to tell it like it is. The last thing I heard from him before I stormed off to bed last night was this: "Major-league hitters just have no problem hitting Kevin Gregg's fastball."

How accurate is that?!

So we have two guys who are supposed to be our best bet to shut down the opposition when the game is on the line. They're exact, lousy opposites.

Carlos Marmol throws an unhittable ball that moves God only knows where. Hitters wait to see if it ever moves over the plate. (Lately, it rarely does).

Kevin Gregg throws a very hittable ball that is usually near the "oh-baby!" zone. Hitters pick out a fat one and swing out of their shoes. Chase Headly and Kyle Blanks haven't looked so fearsome since...well, since batting practice, I guess.

So now Lou is gonna "think about" who our next closer ought to be. My guess is Carlos Marmol will win the job...in a walk.

Hardly matters.


Too little too late. Gregg sucks. The offense never came. This whole year is shitcanned: from meaningless trades in the pre-season to meaningless moves now. Home sick today and this is not what i want to obsess over while lying huddled in bed with Kleenex for my nose.

Mark Alan

It's been a long time since I've had a positive post to Cubby Blue. I fear my fellow commenters think I'm Mr. Negative or Mr. Whiner. But it looks like the majority are now in this camp, so I will have a guilt-free rant. The fact that most of us turned off the tube the second the Padres tied it in the ninth is a sad reflection on us and this season: we KNOW they're gonna blow it, so why risk the heartache of witnessing it real-time? I went to Cubs.com at 6 am to get the story (not necessarily "news"): Gregg Blows Another Save. Why did I have to start my day with such a masochistic act? I shoulda known.

Our only hope now is if Marmol drinks a magic potion for control, we avoid sore shoulders, aching backs and broken toes for a month, and we reduce our LOB count to 5 per game. I'm not holding my breath...


I can't even say I'm surprised. I knew 1 run wasn't enough but kind of had hope as I shut off the tv after the top of the ninth.
Gregg should be peacing out as far as I'm concerned. And I can't help but think how different this year could've been/should've been.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Poor you.
You got too close to Theriot at the autograph thing.
I think you've got Ryanitis.

Tim@Cubby Blue

It would appear that he (Marmol) suffers from a weak head.
But sometimes, you put a guy in charge and he rises to the occasion.
Maybe he'll be the closer from now thru '10?

Tim@Cubby Blue

I only missed it by 20 minutes, really.
I had such high hopes for the guy, but Fontenot?
He done blew his big opportunity.
In fact, he's had more than his share of failure.
The second Lou admitted that righty Baker was the starting 2nd baseman is the second he admitted trading DeRo was a mistake.

Tim@Cubby Blue

I hope they get a clean shot at creaming Favre.
Guy just doesn't know when to say when.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hardly matters.
Ouch, but true.


I'm not puking at least, thank god. Although I had a coughing fit running to
catch the bus after going to Jewel to get Sudafed. It wasn't pretty. Every
time I coughed, snot was also escaping my nose. I brought Kleenex,


Tim@Cubby Blue

You gonna watch tonight, Sarah?
The starting pitcher for the Padres, Cesar Carrillo, has a 30.86 ERA.
It should be ducks in a barrel, right?

Tim@Cubby Blue

That's good.
Save the puking for when it counts.
Like if the Cubs lose tonight.
That was mean, sorry - I hope you feel better, DB.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Thanks for reminding me about the Suck Factor, Jamie.
I might have to re-visit that stat before the season's end.


Ha. I probably WILL.


I will watch until it becomes apparent that Cesar Carrillo is going to get his first complete game shut-out against us. ;)

Tim@Cubby Blue

If the Cubs lose, I post the "Cub Fan Pulling Off His Own Head" painting.


No shut-out Tim! Woo hoo!


I watched Gregg's last game to the end.

Tonight's game, however... that 2-run in the parker was it for me. It's pretty safe to say that of my friend group, I have been the most positive throughout the season (see: Sarah and DB), but tonight I have nothing positive to say. I would LOVE to say, "Oh well maybe if Riot was healthy that would have made a difference." And maybe it would have - Lord knows he had plenty of opportunities tonight. But this is the point at which you just have to acknowledge the complete systemic failure of this year.

Don't get me wrong, I'll watch until the end, but I'm not holding out much hope.


A 30.86 ERA which means WE make him look good. *puke*


Where is it? Also, the Trib had a poll for "worst closer" in Cubs lore.

The "winner" is still LaTroy (LaDrama) Hawkins. Gregg loses even at sucking.

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