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August 19, 2009



Yes, I agree, that made my night, it was just a beautiful game to watch...it made my heart all warm inside...oh those silly silly Cubs!


This is no longer "just baseball". This is nuts.

So I guess I'm with you all. When you "pull off your head" you've separated your brain from your heart. I'm just about there...emotionally detached. Numb.

I feel like I did the day after I retired..aren't I supposed to be obssessively passionate about something? Anything?

The only upside of this feeling seeping into the Cubs fan base is that we may finally start to hit Sam Zell in his pocketbook.

I guess hatred is a kind of passion.

Sucks...big time.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Well, the only thing to do now is try to find something funny until the Cards start their nosedive.
Won't happen?
Not this year, but it'll keep my attention I guess.
Silly Cubs indeed.
Bud, nice breakdown of heart and head separation.
I'm working on a thing where literally this whole season is based on that (thought started with Aramis).


Next up: an image of Hendry's head on a platter, Salome style?


Well, you made me laugh Tim. There's something liberating about that.


Hi DB...now that I think about it, it might work!

You'd have to dance for Sam Zell until he's so intoxicated with desire that he offers you "anything in my kingdom".

That's when you say "bring me the head of (fill in the blank...SO MANY CHOICES) on a platter"

I don't suppose you could ask Sam for his own head, do you?


For that, I might do unspeakable deeds all in the name of distraught Cubs
fans everywhere.

Tim@Cubby Blue

That's all i'm doing this for, Donna.
DB, that's a little harsh.
There's plenty of time left before the season ends.


Give me one of whatever you're having. Plenty of time? Do we have a time machine? Is the TARDIS around?

Tim@Cubby Blue

Uh, for a guy who writes a blog, I never seem to be clear.
I mean, there is PLENTY of time for the illustration which would include one GM's head on a platter...

Tim@Cubby Blue

Okay, now it's 8:15. Game starts in 45 minutes. And I really want Rich Harden to kick ass.


Go Harden!

Myself, I've about 80% accepted losing the division (DeRo... Holliday... now Smoltz? Jeez, greedy lil' bastards) and focusing on the Wild Card.

I remember at the beginning of the season looking at the Giants... Johnson, Lincecum... Thinking, "that'd be cool if they did something this season..." Now I wish they die!

Down with the Giants (and Bob Howry)! Down with Colorado (and Marquis)!

Go Cubs! Go Wild Card! Gooooo Harden!!


In other news, I visited Wrigley for the first time about a week and a half ago. Road to Wrigley game; saw Hoff-power. It was pretty cool, #21 made a diving catch in left then hit a big home run. I learned that the way to get your parents to take you to a game is to just buy the tickets and tell them you "won them in a contest" and it would be a waste to not use them.

Now that I know the train/bus route... I might get to go on my own soon.


Tim@Cubby Blue

Awesome, Justin.
It ought to get a little cheaper as this season goes on, but that doesn't mean it won't be perfect weather and maybe a "W".


OMG did he ever.


This team makes me so mad. If we played like last night with any consistency, we wouldn't be in this sorry mess. We're not going to win the NLCD. Not with the Cards lineup the way it is, and not with the way they're playing. I don't even think we're going to get the wild card. There are simply TOO MANY teams ahead of us. That's a lot of people to hope to lose on a given night.

Like I said, makes me mad.

And article like this make me sad. http://www.suntimes.com/sports/deluca/1726124,CST-SPT-deluca20.article

Because yeah, why would you dismantle the best lineup? NO REASON FOR IT. I think we can all agree from this side of the season that it hasn't worked. It flat out hasn't worked.

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