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August 06, 2009


Don Gerard

Is the Aaron Miles era over yet?


Ok. it's only one game, i know. And the Cubs have looked pretty good since the break. It's all good. But, one thing. Samardzja or however you spell that guy's name has got to go down to AAA. He looks awful and every time he comes in I know something bad is going to happen. All Jeff Stevens did was get outs and he got demoted. Interesting.

Also, Aaron Miles. Is he the worst player in the majors? Seriously. Someone push him down the stairs so he can go back on the DL, or better yet, Hendry get off your hands and dump this guy. It's embarrassing to even have him on our team.

Other than that, Go Cubs! Big series coming up in Colorado...


Oh I'm gonna stick it to him. Ugly selfish monster (that's the best I got, I like your description of him better)

Anyway, yeah I agree with the comments above, WTF is up with Aaron Miles?! He sucks more than Soriano's defensive plays in left field. He can go on the DL for the third time this season for all I care.

Go Cubs!

Don Gerard

I am going to write a song called, "Aaron Miles To Go Before I Sleep"...


Well I'm back from my little 3-day golf getaway to Geneva National. If any of you play golf and live close enough to Lake Geneva, WI, I'd highly recommend this place.

Now for my beloved Cubbies.

First of all, I'm actually excited to see us scraping and clawing to hold onto a piece of first place. If we do make it into the playoffs this year (certainly not a sure thing), I'd rather have the team arrive battle-hardened than comfy, like last year.

And, agreeing with the above comments, with deer-in-the-headlights Miles and and the best wide receiver in baseball occupying two coveted roster spots, we'll be scraping and clawing a lot more. (Miles may be on a bus as we speak)

As for Sam Zell, there's no worse fate I could wish for him than for him to spend the rest of his life being Sam Zell.

I mean, can you imagine how MISER-able it must feel to be this guy?

All you care about in life is money, and then you get it and discover that you're still MISER-able! You realize that you've been sentenced to spend the rest of your days counting your dough and being publicly hated by everyone who's not on your payroll - and privately hated (even more) by those who work for you.

I wouldn't trade 10 minutes of my life for the next 10 years of SZGTH's income. Besides...that income could turn out to be less than zero.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Man, wouldn't want to be Aaron Miles.
Don, if you pen that song pls leave in comments.
Olson, do you know what he's making? I thought they gave him not serious cash, but money for sure.
But maybe a dump would be best.
Maria, please do that voodoo that you do.
Bud, welcome back, and don't think this post wasn't at least partly inspired by your Sam Passion...


Miles is making $2.2 million this year and a bit more next season. Keep in mind that Hendry signed this Ahole as the DeRosa replacement. Which is of course, laughable.


This is the ONLY funny thing about Aaron Miles right now.


Looks like someone screwed up and put a Zambrano head on the Voo Doo doll.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Thanks for that clarification.
There's vomit all over the floor - how did that happen?

Tim@Cubby Blue

I should NEVER mess with the dark arts.

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