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July 30, 2009



I saw the replay of Reed Johnson fouling the ball off his foot. He kind of shook it and walked around a little and that was it. If that's me with a broken bone, I'm writhing on the ground.

Had a couple of email exchanges with another teacher last night concerning a kid named Reed. His last name wasn't Johnson, but close. Anyway, without knowing it, I kept referring to him as Reed Johnson. The other teacher finally pointed this out and I thought it was so funny. My mind is still in the summer mode.

Man, I so hope Kevin Hart comes out strong today. He seems to get just a little bit better every time he pitches. How nice would 3 out of 4 be?


I am so sad over Reed. He was already out once with the back. It seems like he's hardly gotten playing time this year. I always look forward to him taking the field because...HELLO he's a ninja.

Stupid Dodgers. They're supposed to the "best"? WHATEVER. They should have won it in 9. They should have just left their starter in.

Tim@Cubby Blue

There's nothing worse than the little broken bone while up at bat that takes a month out of somebody's baseball career.
But yes lets hope Hart brings it today!

Don Gerard

I am a Reed Johnson fan, however, I also feel okay about the "one door opening" for Sam Fuld, too.


DUDE. We just traded away HART (who pitched and won today), Ascanio and a 3b minor leaguer to the Pirates for Grabow and Gorzelany. I'm a little upset about Hart, I think.


Not really upset about Hart. He really had no real options here in the long run.


Temporary rant change: We ATE the Ass-tros!!!

Good Lord...I was at BOTH games!

I mean really...a DOZEN runs per game?!!!

So many bats getting so hot, so suddenly...good pitching too!

Too bad for Kevin Hart. I can't believe that anyone would be happy to go from the Cubs to the Pirates. Godspeed Kevin...you gave us your best.

Grabow and Gorzelanny? We don't know what we got here. (Let's hope Lou and Jim do) I do know this...the G-boys must feel like they're going from, baseball Siberia to baseball nirvanna!

Finally...the Dodgers just blew a lead at St.Louis and are headed into extras with the Turdinals! Are the Doggers committed to driving every Cub fan nuts?

What a time for the girlie-boy, West Coast wimps to reveal themselves!

Maybe they could "beef up" by trading for Manny's buddy David Ortiz-iod?


Doggers just won in the 10th!

We're back in 1st place!

I'd be hard-pressed to think of how today could have been a better day!

Unshit happens!

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