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July 29, 2009


Tim@Cubby Blue

I usually work from a photo for reference when making these illustrations.
But I've said this before - you simply can NOT take a photo in the men's room.
I asked a guy at work, Josh Thornton, if I could take a picture of him emailing in the hall (I can make the rest of the illustration up).
He said okay.
After, I told him what it was for which made him...uneasy.
And now that it kinda looks like him, I'd just like to make that story clear.
No, Josh Thornton was not the peemailer.


Ick, Tim. Just ick. And that in no way is a comment on your illustration. It is a comment on the pee mailer. Ick.


Thanks for a good belly laugh this morning!

The show-off, "look Ma, no-hands" guys are at the top of my list of idiots I've seen in public bathrooms! I've actually seen a guy standing with his hands on top of his head. But "pee-mailing"?..that's a first!

You're right...don't stand anywhere near one of these whizz-ards!

OK ladies, can you top this?!!!


LOL! Now, that takes some skill but it's still gross.

But anyways, everything seemed to be going the cubs way, and now the DODGERS are loosing to the Cardinals! 2 games in a row! I was watching last night's game and my Dad has been saying when Rami gets back we will take first and everything will be fine. He was right. He called the Home Run and hit with I think 2 men on (might have been 1, I forgot) and he was right. But I was sick of it so I just stopped watching tv after the cubs lost. The cardinals won 10-0 last night and the Brewers lost again to the Natinals. What's going on in the NL Central!?!? Dempster SUCKED but the entire bullpin was used last night so what could Pinella do? He did look like a genius with putting in my boy Reed Johnson. But, they still lost. Tonight's game will be interesting. The Dodgers need to play like they should and so do the Cubs. If the Brewers can't beat the worst team in baseball then I think we have a safe lead ahead of the Brewers.


I instantly thought of this post when one of my students stood at the urinal, said "and they're off!" and began to pee with his hands on the back of his head and shaking his hips back and forth.
Did I mention he's 3?



2) Last night SUCKED, but today is a lot better. Hampton is the GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING. And what's better? They can't bring in their bullpen because it's been decimated in the past two games!

3) Please let this continue tomorrow.

4) Dear Dodgers, I thought you were supposed to be all that and a bag of chips. FRIKKIN BEAT THE STUPID CARDINALS ALREADY!

Cire Ddot Nekliw

Pee mailer, hahaha, should have slapped him on the back and made him drop his phone, see if he'd have fished it out, yukkk...They should pass a law against using your cell phone at the game unless you're either taking pictures or calling people you know who are fans of the other team to taunt them and call them silly names a la Monty Python...That and eating nachos and other non ballpark foods....Dog and a beer, good enough for Terrance Mann, good enough for me...Oh, so I'm listening to the game after work today, man this game was so over after the first inning, reminds me of last year, but I'm thinkin October, and yes I know my current hometown boy (Cliff Lee of Benton, AR) is now a Phillie, like they needed help.


The Dodgers suck. I just thought I'd say that. THEY SUCK. THEY REALLY REALLY DO.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hi Guys,
Once again, super busy.
Sorry I didn't get back to anyone yesterday.
Sarah, the 3 year old story is priceless.
Bud, how did I not think to get "look ma..." in this post. Thank you.
Aaron, Demp will get better. Promise.
Eric, had I not been so shocked at seeing the guy peemailing, I might have thought of something at least clever to say. The backslap woulda been too touchy there.
DB, I watched the 9th of Card game on mlbtv. Passed ball killed the dodgers. They HAD that game. But even tho it's against the Cards, LA has gone way up on my list of dislikes. One big reason rhymes with "Fanny".


Nah, Tim, you gotta call him "Tranny" now since he was taking the female hormones..!

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