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June 30, 2009



How could I not applaud this post, Tim!

The image perfectly captures how SZGTH makes me feel. I may be naive, but I truly believe that when he's gone, if we get a hands-on, involved owner like Ricketts, we'll be OK.

Until then, I feel like we need an exorcism.

Good work.


Goes well with fava beans and a nice Chianti??

Yeah, the whole DeRo thing. Ron was talking on the radio the other night about Hendry and being able to "pull the trigger". Ha. Whatever. Everyone knows we have no money for ANYTHING because of this sale getting FUBARed. We've paid for expensive crap for a long time and now it's come back to bite us. Supposedly Hendry had been talking with Cleveland about re-acquiring DeRo, but "couldn't"...


I am mildly mollified by last night's win and Rich Harden's badonk, but it *is* only Pittsburgh. The real do or die test comes later this week with Milwaukee...and then the damn Cardinals.

Tim@Cubby Blue

That's CRAZY, Bud.
You mean to tell me that YOU don't like old Sam?

Tim@Cubby Blue

Yeah, it's like being in a gunfight and the other guy knows you're out of bullets.
Kind of a disadvantage.
And yes, the upcoming homestand will be super dramatic since it will feature all the bad guys.
Can't wait.
ps: I've never heard the word "badonk" before. Had to google.
I love google images...


Tim, ick, and good job on capturing the true Sam Zell.

Glad I opted to only peek in on the game and not watch the whole thing.

On the plus side, Fox did ok at 3rd. On the down side, that is the highlight of the game.

Had a non-philosophical discussion about the Cubs with fellow diehards this afternoon. The outcome was exactly what Carol Slezak, http://www.suntimes.com/sports/slezak/1644991,CST-SPT-carol30.article, is right. Lou needs to go because he has lost control.


Your illustration certainly fits my mood. Here we go again with just plain old bad baseball. Soto trying to go to third was the worst. What was he thinking?!


Maybe he thought the base was a bag of doritos?!? Sorry, a little blunt humor.


"Blunt" humor.


And back to sucking last night. Way to go offense, way to go.

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