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January 25, 2009



Someday when we meet in person I will tell you the story about when I met Ryno. Eloquence and composure need not apply.

Shawshank is one of my favorite movies. If it is on tv I must watch it. I could be meeting Ryno for dinner and show up late because Shawshank is on.

Tim@Cubby Blue

And I know what you mean about Shawshank - there are a handful of movies like that where you just go, "well, i'm watchin'.


I think the key is you have to plan ahead--not that you knew you were going to be running into Morgan Freeman. But before you're in the same vicinity as Ryno again, you need to think up that witty comment that will distinguish you from the rest of the crowd. And I don't mean something like, "You know you were really cute when you had hair..." Be prepared!

(An aside--I just got done watching my 5 year old niece for the weekend. I have one thing to say to you people with kids. Are you nuts?! Why would you do that to yourself?!)


Gee, I'm thinking...how would you tie these thoughts together? (I mean the deification thing and the kids thing)

And I thought of my wife (41 years next month).

We hads kids. I worked most of the time and she did all the daily dirty work. (She loved every minute.) And now she can't wait for grandchildren!

We've been searching for and annointing a lot of "Gods" lately. But sometimes you really don't have to look very far.

They're closer than you think.


I feel better about practically running away from Mark DeRosa now. And better about saying pretty much no more than "Haaaai, Thank you, Bye" to Rich Harden.

Oh my.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Donna, well rats, that "hair" thing was the exact line I've been carrying with me should I see Ryno - my dad met him once waiting for luggage at an airport.
Said he was a really nice guy.
Also, I'm pretty sure you had tongue in cheek with the kids comment - 5 is a really fun age.
Bud, stoppin' and smellin' the roses...
DB, trust me it was mortifying.


While we're sharing (non-Cubbie related) embarrassing celebrity encounters. Let me tell you that drinking 4 beers before talking myself into speaking to Alpana Singh (of WTTWs Check, Please! and Chicago Tonight "fame") was a terrible idea. I stumbled over, beer breath and all, "I LOVE YOUR SHOW" and then stared into her face for at least a full five seconds with a wide smile before blinking and walking away without response. *facepalm*

Tim@Cubby Blue

HAHAHAHA! That's a perfect one. Steeled with alcohol, and out comes the one thing Alpana probably hears more than any.
Woulda been nice if she would have at least said "thanks".
Hi Kelllymac. I think this is your first time commenting here, no? If so, welcome.
Love to hear your views on Cub stuff, too.


Kelly! LOL


Hey Tim, sorry about the random comment. I had commented here a few times over the summer as "kmac", followed your blog through the fall and such and had to make the plunge and register an account to comment.

As for the Cubs, I, for one, am excited about the Bradley addition as I've had it with the "This Year" claims and feel like I'm just hanging on this year for entertainment. Let's see that mf flip his lid and climb up after the cat-callers in the bleachers!
that's a lie, i think the Cubs have a great team, i'm just out of energy, you know?


i am such a turd.


you are. you really are.

ps. I would have walked up to Alpana Singh and said I like the other host better (probably not). Except I do. I think Alpana is so flat on tv. Although I still watch the show.

Tim@Cubby Blue

God would that be hilarious, kelly.
There is something about right field, though - you're either a God or you're jacque jones.
Unless you're Fuku and nobody knows what the hell's going on.

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