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January 15, 2009



For those of us not able to get near the convention, I am taking full advantage of watching replays from last season that I saved.....got to do something to keep warm right.

Remember folks we have only 29 days to Spring Training and 41 days until the first spring game. Lets just hope that Pat and Ron will be broadcasting it.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Thanks for the date update, Pondo!


My favorite part of the convention is listening to the "old timers". They tell such wonderful stories--Sutcliff had us laughing so hard last year. A lot of these guys are still pretty young, and I always wonder what they think when they see everyone fawning over the current players. It wasn't too long ago that they were the hot ones!

Travis, the Cubs web site lists the spring training games to be broadcast and the first game will indeed be on the radio. So in a little over a month, we'll be hearing "Cubs baseball is on the air!"

Glad to hear you got a ticket, Tim!


Donna I could not agree with you more. The old timers have the best stories. Ernie tells great stories and just doesn't stop.
2 years ago my friend and I talked with Sutcliff for 20 or so minutes at Kitty O'Sheas and he had great stories and was so humbled by the amount of people waiting to get his autograph. He said he felt bad that he couldn't stay longer at the stage to sign for everyone.


So guys when are we going to have that drink now that we know Tim has a ticket?


Somebody pick a time and day. I'll be there Friday night and most of the day Saturday. IF I have school tomorrow, I won't be able to read the comments section of the blog (dang filters). If a decision isn't made until tomorrow, Tim could you please email me? Thanks!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Okay, I spent a little time looking around and the only info I can find is a list of players attending and the dates and times.
Even though I've been to the last 3, I have never made it to the first night, and I don't know what happens.
But, I'll get off work at 5, and I'm just up the street so I could be down there in minutes.
I think I'd like to see the thing I always see photos of where Cub Royalty appears to be on a balcony, and I think they introduce new Cubs and talk a bit (is that what happens?)
So I'd love to see that, but if there's time for a beer or two beforehand it would be awesome to meet whoever wants to meet at Kitty Oshea's or whatever.
Talk to me, please.


The schedule I got from the Tribune says Opening Ceremonies from 5:00-5:30. I'd never been able to make it to this because we usually can't leave Geneva until 3:30 or so. Again, IF there is no school, we plan to be there well ahead of time.


Tim, I just emailed you a scan of the schedule.



I'm sitting here making all my comments about Arizona weather and I can't hide it any longer...I wish I were there to meet you guys for that drink!

Damn...that would be so cool! (No pun intended)

And Donna! Are you serious? You leave from the Geneva train station? Me too. We must be close neighbors! I'm in St. Charles (in the summertime).

Wanna buy a house? I'll toss in a kick-ass snow blower!


Donna (or Tim): could you send me that schedule as well? Uh, how to get you my email without the spambots finding it...igg? Maybe have Tim do it - he's got my email. I don't know that Sarah has the most updated one.

Oh hell, now I really want to go to the opening ceremony too. But then I want to get in line for auto, and bingo and everything and ZOMG. First convention hyperventilate!!


Hey DB--I put a copy of the schedule here:


Hopefully you can read it and foil those spambots!

Bud--I actually live out in the country north of Sycamore, but teach in Geneva. Who knew we were neighbors! How cold has it been here? Today, I just looked out at the snow in the driveway and wasn't even tempted to shovel it! The wind chill tomorrow morning is supposed to be 40 below! Ugh!


No school today! So we'll be heading into the city early this afternoon.



*sniff* Right next to Mark!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Okay, since I don't know any better place to go, Sutter and I will head to Kitty Oshea's anywhere between 3:30 and 4 (we gotta find will call).
I'm certain it'll be packed in there, and I have nothing remarkable to make me stand out, but I'll be looking for people who look like the pictures on this page...

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