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September 24, 2008



You will never believe this….

A few days ago I went to my kids first little league practice (I have two boys ages 9 and 11). The coach noticed I was really into it so he says to me, "hey, I’m kind of short on staff and I need an assistant coach, would you like to help"? Yea, of course I responded eagerly. "Great, all you gotta do is buy a team hat and shirt once we figure out what team were going to be this season". I was like "okay, no problem, just let me know”.

This past Saturday they had their first game and up until about 15 minutes before game time the little leaguers didn’t know what team they were. All of a sudden the coach comes running around the corner with like 3 huge boxes in hand; one for the baseball caps, one for the shirts/jerseys, and one for the socks. He tears into the box of baseball caps and I lean in eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the team we could be this season. The box flies open and out falls a stack of..................St Louis Cardinal Caps!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!! How could this be!!!! Anyhow, i had to go out and do the unthinkable. Yea I had to purchase a redbirds cap and freaking t-shirt. Man, ohh man, aint life cruel.

Thankfully, even though my kids are huge cubs fans I have never gotten into the intricacies of the red birds and cubs rivalry so they were cool with being a Little League St. Louis Cardinal.

I on the other will make sure to further investigate what team I am signing my kids onto next Little League season.

Hey, i'll grin and bear it. All that matters is that the kids are having fun....LOL!!!

Go Cubs

scott Johnson

Hey Tim,

Good post today! I caught one in the bleachers in 85 with a full leg cast, in my beer cup! Everyone got wet but no one seemed to care!


"If it's the Mets or Brewers or whoever, then the ball belongs to you."


Marshall did do well last night. It was that freak play with the slap bunt - what can you do against that? Soon after that, it was all tied up.

Tim - I just picked up that HooDoo book that was put out last week. EXCELLENT. It's not a goat that "cursed" the Cubs. It's "MURPHY". It's all really interesting. Anyhow, reading that book made me think about your illustrations. You *really* need to get on making YOUR book because this HooDoo thing is going like hotcakes. Sarah told me when she picked hers up at a Walgreens, the clerk told her 1 of every 5 sales was that book.


I had one land AT MY FEET earlier this year in the 400 section as I was taking my seat during the 1st inning. Unfortunately I had hands full of beers. So that ball was hawked by someone else.
Hey..I'm not dropping beers for a foul ball by the opposing team.

THEN...Next inning, fould ball 2 seats to my right rattling on the ground. Missed that one too.

Dr A

Thank you for saying this!! We have just been discussing that there need to be signs or announcements at the ballbark to help fans remember this. Then again, any true Cubs fan may have it burned into their memory since 2003.. so now we just need to babysit those opposing team fans in our vicinity ;)


That's hysterical Manny. My first team, and this was printed on the back of our shirts, was: "A.R.A. BI-STATE MOBILE REFRIGERATION CO."
So, being the Cards ain't so bad, bro.
Great story.
Scott - that's fearless. and I would have happily gotten drenched.
DB - GOD! When will I have time? I gotta figure that out. Plus, I'll check that book out.
j - the one i ducked out of the way of is the only one in my life that came anywhere near me. Can't believe you had 2 in one game that close.


Dr A: yeah, i'm totally not kidding about SOME kind of reminder for fans. In the papers, at the park... something. That simply cannot happen again.

Don G

I have one of those signs hanging in my basement rec-room...you know...just to be safe.



I'm a manager of one of the midwest's largest graphic shops.
I tell y'all what....
I'll put this offer out there. If someone can get the artwork of that sign, I'll print them up and share the wealth at cost (probably just a few bucks per sign).

DB or Tim...feel like doing some artwork??


Tim, I used to wear a mitt to Wrigley all the time. Never caught a ball. Never even got close. Yet.

Manny: I'll never forget MY little league T-shirt:
On the back - "Pulaski Park Yankees"
On the front - "Dan Rostenkowski Youth Council"
We got to wear our own hats. I hated being "a Yankee" but at least it wasn't one of the other National League teams.


My foul ball story:

At Dodger stadium (a LONG time ago) with my wife and two kids. Great seats...first row, first base side. Nothing between me and the action but a low wall and a ball girl on a folding chair.

I tell the family "everyone sit to my right, because this is a max foul ball area. I'll catch one if it comes and protect you guys".

Family dutifully obeys.

Game begins and balls are definately coming our way, but nothing close...yet.

Then it happens... a screaming liner (the type that makes the fans go oooh!) headed right at us. I figure it's gonna hit me on one clean, hard bounce. I tell the family to get outta the way and stand up to make the grab.

I forget that I'm wearing bifocals.

Here comes the ball and I miss-see it as 3 inches below where it really is. It bounces (hard) off my chest and rolls back out into the field. They have to stop the action while the ballgirl runs out to pick up the ball.

- She keeps the ball.

- My son and daughter look at me with disgust "Geez Dad...how come you missed it?!!!"

- 40,000 fans boo me.

- I can't hide...I'm in the front row.

- I'm sure I made it onto TV.

Since then, I duck!


I think I would be a lot more scared to interfere with one of the Cubs players than actually getting hit by one...hahaha.


I remember a few weeks ago at an away game, DeRo caught a ball practically in someone's lap, and afterward an usher came over (the old-lady type!) and it looked like she was giving those girls some grief about letting him catch the ball.

I think we need to go find that woman and hire her!


Tim - I think Hayley has a photo of that sign. I may even, not sure. It would be buried in all my varied flickr sets though!


Tim you gotta read this gem Hayley just found: I have been laughing for like ten minutes straight.



J: they sell those signs at the park. I think we'd be infringing on somebody's copyright. But lets keep that thought around - maybe there's something smarter to print. Can you print on plastic?
Cubbydude: so glad you said "used to". Last Friday, I saw a guy had to be 40 with a mitt.
Bud - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I bet that hurt like hell. I do that "protection" thing with my family too, though, and I'm proud to hear your story.
Maria - did you see that game last week (I think in St. Louis) where DeRo took the ball from that woman in the front row on the foul ball?
They replayed it a couple times - the woman's face was priceless, like DeRo did a magic trick or something.
Ryen - I'm responding sort of in-order, and didn't see your comment. Was that not the funniest face on the woman? And yeah it did look like the usher was coaching her on what she should have done.
DB, I still think that exact art is off-limits, and seriously, what is up with the love me tender chicken? It sounds like one of those freak things that'll end up selling a billion shirts. The Pirates even got them? That's crazy.


Like I said...NEVER give up on the Cubbies!

This one seems to come down to the "Big Inning Score":

Cubs 2-BI's, Mets 1-BI.

It's a win, but we still have some questions and concerns:

- What's going on with Zambino lately? Maybe Manny was right! (I hope not)

- DeRosa is now day-to-day with a strained calf. Omigod... we all remember Soriano's calf injury back in April!!!

- Does Lou keep Howry over Zija for the playoff roster?

- Is Gaudin healthy?

- In other words: who will be the long and middle relievers?

- How about position players - Hoffpauir or Pie?

- Will Lou retire if we ...ummm you know, if we uhhh, win our last game?

Finally, how much would it suck to play for the New York Mess?...Bad stadium, bad-attitude sourpuss fans, idiotic recorded "charge!" bugle calls answered by boos, jet planes landing somewhere near the outfield, no relief pitching, etc., etc.

Almost as bad as Philadelphia.

But never as bad as the Ass-tros and MMP!!!

BTW...CC went 7 and got a win tonite. Cheeseheads are tied for the WC with the Mess. So we'll probably see CC again on Sunday. Sure would be good to beat him again and knock the Cheeseys out of it!


DB: Hey! How does a East Coaster get one of those "Love Me Tenders" t-shirts? Can't buy the chicken out her. Can you contract someone in Chicaco to buy and eat the chicken and mail the UPC's? Do you even have to bother to eat the chicken? Will wearing the t-shirt immediately transform the wearer to look like the incredibly ripped senior citizen Chris Chelios? Why does Chicago have all the fun one could have in this world?


I don't think wearing the t-shirt will immediately transform anyone's physique into that of a professional athlete (as long as said "professional athlete" is not Prince Fielder), DarkoV. Have you tried going to the LoveMeTenders website? I was thinking of going on a hunt for some. I don't know that I want FOUR bags/boxes/whatever they are. I might actually just donate them to an area food bank.

Let me see if I can find the damn chicken. If I do, I could front the additional four as long as you paypal me the money and are okay with them getting donated to a food bank.

We have a strange sense of humor with our team, what can I say?

This goes way over destroying cereal boxes all in the hunt for the cheapo toy at the bottom.


Yes, we print on plastic. Also vinyl, coroplast, static cling, decal, etc etc.

I did a 30' "go cubs go" banner a few days ago to hang on the front of the building.
BUT... we did it last year and they got knocked out. So, it's not going up due to superstitions around here. We'll hang it when they win...along with a 15' tall W flag.

You're right..I probably dont want to lift that artwork. I have this going now though :) www.gocubsgo.net


Love Me Tenders Info:


Cluck cluck cluck


BD: Must be a lot more chickens out in the Midwest carrying signs beseeching folks to "Eat more black-spotted cows" these days, thanks to The Year of the Cub.

A Moo in your general direction.

ps, thanks for the pay-pal offer. This whole "Love ME Tenders" obtention thing is getting to be as complicated as the (Insert the name of your favorite failing financial institution here) bailout.

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