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May 20, 2008



i've been following your blog for a few weeks now; this gif is brilliant!


Hey kmac, gifs are the new black, at least for me. I actually had years of practice doing "animatic" test commercials for like, General Mills and Frito Lay when I was a baby art director.
Anyway, please keep coming and tell your friends.


I feel all fuzzy inside. But not from the game.


thanks again DB, the whole little story is awesome.
and you know how much hate-stuff there is in the blog world about Theriot and his sub-par numbers? Well, A) I think he's a good example of why Lou is the manager and B) He looks like a guy you'd like to have a cold one with.


I saw little glimpses of Theriot blog-hating and don't get it. I think Theriot's doing a damn good job. I also saw sites wanting Pinella fired and/or saying DeRosa was the dumbest idea back when he was first picked up. WTF? Me, what I don't get is Soriano. He's just too darn inconsistent, he's HUGELY overpaid on a contract lasting WAY too long with a no-trade clause and there are too many times where he doesn't hustle. Don't get me wrong, he's great when he's on, but how often has that been for us? He was back to swinging wildly at crap last night. If he would just show more PATIENCE...


DB - Wow. If I had more time I might read around more. Or maybe not because I'd probably just get mad. The Soriano thing, I know: the wildest peaks and valleys.
But, I'm gonna try to not do the same with my opinion of him.
He goes slumpy, I'm going to keep thinking that before the season's over he will carry this team for a month.
And if that doesn't happen by the end of the season, hey wait...breaking my own rule already, so pretend I didn't bring that up.
I'm happier!
I just talked to a guy at work who's first trip to Wrigley this year was Soriano's first lead-off homer game.
It's a pretty goose-bumpy story.


I think its ridiculous. Baseballs first magician, and as we all know, magicians are *%$ gay.
(edited comment - Anthony, watch the language).

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